2022 GoGetFifed Calendars


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My 2022 GoGetFifed Calendars will be available Fall 2021!. Each month will have distinct images and dates that most other calendars don’t have to offer. I donate a portion of my sales to Autism charities. Only $15 (plus $5 in shipping, if you order 2 or more Calendars $7.50 in shipping, if you order 5 or more in shipping its $8.00 in shipping; Donations are welcome) and there are group discounts! In addition, I signed my autograph on the calendars and will have a signing event at establishments at some point. In addition I worked hard to gather the pictures and dates for it and am proud of my work! The 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Calendars were a success!


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