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Blue Water Mortgage:

14 Main Street 
Meredith, NH, 03253

Business Phone: (603) 237-1329 VOTE FOR BLUE WATER MORTGATE


Here at Blue Water Mortgage Corporation, I have found my home, and now I would love to help you find yours. Together we can achieve success through leveraging my caring nature, knowledge, and experience to optimize your financial well-being.

Highly experienced in the analysis and management of operational practices to maximize profitability for clients such as Independent Retailers, Small Business Owners, and other Professionals.


Jonathan has worked hard on closings for clients.

Happy Friday!
Another great end to the week. Closings x7 this week!
I have the best team to work with!
Rates are still great for your refinances and purchases! Give me a call and let’s get it done
It is a very exciting and busy industry. Some deals move quicker than others, but we are always here to manage those expectations and making sure you always come out on top and WINNING!


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AN Example of his works he had an Open  House March 7, 2020



Cone see this beautiful home central to EVERYTHING!

Plenty of space (maybe even turn it into a Bed & Breakfast?!)

The possibilities are endless with such a gorgeous fine in an absolutely spectacular location!

Come see myself and Lynn Durham tomorrow afternoon and be entered in to win a FREE GIFT CARD to any Common Man location!

See you there!


Pat's Trash Removal:

Meredith, NH, 03253

Business Phone: (603) 707-7530




NW Marine Industries:

Attn: Nick Wilmerding
PO Box 985
Meredith, NH 03253

Business Phone is 207-266-1888

Services provided include but not limited to:
DC wiring diagnostics and repairs, marine electronics installation and marine systems consulting. Applies to: Marine industry, Vintage vehicles, heavy equipment, machinery, trailers, boats and agricultural equipment. NW Marine Industries is a specially low volt wiring service that operates around the Lakes Region. We are fully mobile, fully insured and have over 20 years experience with all sorts of DC electrical systems. We specialize in the marine industry and systems. NWMI also specializes in custom electrical projects. We repair wiring in vintage vehicles and work closely with restoration companies to provide the electrical support, especially wiring old wooden boats. NEW DASH INSTRUMENTS GPS INSTALLATION CORROSION REPAIR, ELECTRICAL FIRE REPAIR AUXILIARY LIGHTING

NWMI is finalizing this gorgeous ’49! Full re-wire right down to using new cloth covered PVC wire.

Thank you for making the right choice by asking NW Marine Industries of Meredith, NH to step in and re-wire your newly restored baby!

NWMI is the only local resource in the lakes region equipped to perform, not only any marine related electrical/systems project, but also any low volt equipment from vintage vehicles, heavy machinery or trailer electrical projects.

Nick with 25 years in the field, loves to customize and repair just about anything electrical on stuff that floats, drives and digs!

Call today and get it repaired correctly. We return calls and are onsite when expected.

Based out of Meredith, NH , NWMI is your local source for specialty wiring repairs, install and consulting for a wide variety of industries.

Marine – Vehicle – Equipment – Machinery

Mobile – Insured – Meticulous – Professional – Experience

contact for an appointment.


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