Center Harbor

Businesses to visit in Center Harbor

Hello Everyone!! Open inside and Outside!Hours of operations Thursday and Friday 4p-8p, Saturday and Sunday 12p-7p. We will have a limited menu, that will be posted very soon either tomorrow or Tuesday! Nightly Specials will be at our discretion! NEW DRINK MENU IN THE PIC BELOW

Outdoor seating available. gave good reviews!

The Mug had this special below on the 4th of July! Great job!



Every day has different lunch, dinner and soup specials. Monday is Pizza Night. Thursday is Burger Night. Friday is Stir Fry Friday. There is a fireplace, a Keno Machine and Keno slip reader, games, pool tables and merchandise!

Servers Cocktails : Molly’s Cinnamon Bun, Amanda’s Tropical Escape, Kim’s Booze Cider, Ali’s Irish Joe, Ingrid’s Winter Fuel, Theresa’s Manhattan Night, Leanne’s Winter Punch.

Today’s specials:

Soup of the day: tomato Parmesan



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